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New Boston Fund continues to take advantage of our forty year track record of real estate experience, network and the net worth of its owners and principals and circle of investors.

Our current focus is on one off development and acquisition deals where we can add value through repositioning or ground up development or provide capital to an existing owner.

New Boston’s principals have a track record of partnering with existing building owners, land owners and developers. We partner with owners and developers where we bring our capital, experience and expertise to reposition existing properties or complete developments generating significant return to our partners and our investment.

New Boston’s focus spans the range of cash flowing apartment, retail and office buildings, to repositioning half empty buildings to ground up development where we will take permitting risk and share upside with the land owner or partner.


We have been a tenant of New Boston Fund's for over five years and just recently signed another five year lease. As a landlord, New Boston excels at keeping their tenants very informed and maintaining great lines of communication.”



New Boston Fund has done a great job to maintain the building as well as be very responsive to our needs. I am happy to have developed a close relationship with them.”